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[Solved] GIZ Marine Litter Prevention II Project in Prizren, Kosovo

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"Leveraging the opportunities presented by the GIZ Marine Litter Prevention II project, Prizren actively engages in a collaborative regional effort to address the pressing challenge of marine litter. The application of the Waste Flow Diagram demonstrated that due to our high collection coverage and environmentally sound disposal site in the urban areas, the municipality experiences minimal plastic waste leakage into the environment. The results of the assessment points towards enhancing recovery rates and addressing uncontrolled dumpsites in the rural areas. Therefore, in the upcoming year, we envision a significant expansion of wire containers dedicated to separate plastic waste at source. Concurrently, supported by the GIZ, a survey will be undertaken to identify and address illegal dumping sites, particularly those near water systems, aiming for their cleanup and rehabilitation. A municipal solid waste composition analysis is also planned, to understand the share of plastic waste compared to other categories.”


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