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[Solved] Success in the Municipality of Bar, Montenegro

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"The Municipality of Bar is aware of the risks posed by marine litter on the well-being of its residents and economic activities. To take action against marine litter and as part of the GIZ Marine Litter Prevention project, the Waste Flow Diagram (WFD) assessment was conducted in May 2023. The results revealed that despite the highly efficient collection systems in place in the city, the collection services exhibit suboptimal performance during the touristic summer season, making uncollected waste the main source of plastic leakages into the environment. To this end, a door-to-door collection system in an area was successfully implemented and improperly used containers at a critical location were removed, curbing waste disposal and littering issues. The implementation of the WFD was therefore useful in targeting key waste collection interventions to lower the plastic leakages from Bar’s municipal solid waste management services."
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